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Typing Master PRO is a complete free typing tutor for Windows PC! Typing Master is a free touch typing course that adapts to your unique needs. It provides over 10 hours of customized exercises to guide you step by step to professional keyboarding. As a result, your typing speed is likely to double – or even triple – and you will save hours and hours of valuable working time. Typing Master for Desktop is a complete touch typing program with a real-time analysis widget. It analyses your typing skills and creates tailored exercises. Get a one-week free typing course or even more.

Typing Master PRO v10 Crack + Torrent Overview

Master 10 typing is a touch-typing course that adapts to your particular needs. It offers more than 10 hours of personalized exercises to lead you to the qualified keyboarding step by step. As a result, your typing pace would possibly double – or even triple – and you’ll save precious working hours and hours. A great plus when exploring the topic of the typing courses is the fact that after each lesson you can take a test and assess your progress every step at a time. Meanwhile, you have the option of taking typing tests at any point or to exercise using different levels of difficulty.

Thanks to this innovative strategy your new skill is ready for practice after 3 to 5 hours of training. As a result, the typing rate will potentially double – or even triple – and you will save precious working hours and hours. It recognizes and eliminates the Weak Spots by means of customized exercises. The Master 10 PRO version tests and analyzes your typing patterns when you are working in the background.

Training is adjusted to your personal progress every step of the way. Free TypingMaster for Windows PC pinpoints your Weak spots and eliminates them with personalized exercises. Thanks to this dynamic approach your new skill is ready for action after 3 to 5 hours of training. The app includes a new Windows widget called Typing Meter. It measures and analyzes your typing habits in the background while you work. It gathers basic typing statistics for you to view, and also detects those keys and words that are problematic for you.

TypingMaster focuses on personalized training with constant feedback and recommendations. It allows you to focus on weaknesses and strengths to learn without disruptions. The most important module focuses on engaging you with several practice tests and lessons. It allows you to build your touch typing skills with ease. While using the program, you need to go through over ten hours of lessons. When recurring problems are detected, Typing Meter suggests a quick training session with tailor-made exercises to hone those problem areas.

Typing Master Pro 10 Key Features :

  • Typing Ability Tests: With advanced typing ability tests, you can assess your current typing speed and precision, and print a certificate.
  • Step-by-Step Approach: Each lesson introduces a few new keys, providing step-by-step drills from key drills all the way to fluent type.
  • Visual Training: The on-screen color-coded keyboard lets you learn the key placements easily and supports QWERTY, QWERTZ, AZERTY, India, etc.
  • Personalized Review: During practicing, Typing Master identifies certain trouble areas that need extra practice and produces additional personalized exercises.
  • Typing Statistics: You can easily track how much you typed and how daily and weekly your typing speed progresses.
  • Train Difficult Words: Then you’ll hone the words that seem to cause problems over and over again.
  • Train Difficult Keys: First, you can practice those letters and capitals that have proven to be hard on you.
  • Training Suggestion: If new recurrent problems have been found by Typing Meter it recommends a fast training session.
  • Typing Analysis Widget: Assess your typing with personalized exercises while working, and train weaknesses.
  • Real-time measurement: Form Meter widget tests your typing in the background when you are working-it gathers statistics and analyzes your behaviors.
  • Typing Games: Play our fun typing games and see how far you’ll get your typing skills.
  • Issue analysis: Focused on the statistics Typing Meter identifies and prioritizes the recurrent problem areas for training.


Typing Master PRO Crack Serial keygen

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Title: Typing Master PRO


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